Erika Zambello

N.C. State Remains Committed to Purchasing Locally Grown Food

September 11, 2014

N.C. State has embarked on an ambitious program, My Roots, to source more of their campus food locally. As part of the program, “University Dining has increased its amount of food sourced from North Carolina and South Carolina from 18 percent to 28 percent in the past two years,” writes Emily Duckett for N.C. State’s […]

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Protecting Wildlife Habitat Key to Preventing Extinctions

September 5, 2014

One hundred years have passed since the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon, which was once one of the most plentiful birds on the planet. Flocks were so large that they blocked the sun and darkened the sky, but they were all gone barely a decade after the turn of the 20th century. It was unsustainable […]

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Connecting People with Nature

August 30, 2014

Dr. Robert Zarr of Washington, D.C. is writing a whole new kind of prescription for his patients. To encourage more exercise, Zarr simply titles these prescriptions, “Rx for Outdoor Activity,” write Sam Sanders and Steven Jackson for NPR. To help them get outside, Zarr has created an entire database full of nearby park facilities, rating […]

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Local Food and Farmers’ Market: Raleigh Downtown Farmers’ Market

August 7, 2014

Think urban town centers don’t mix with farm fresh produce? Think again! The Raleigh Downtown Farmers’ Market strives to bring delicious produce and fun products to those living and working in the heart of North Carolina’s capitol city. Located at City Plaza on Fayetteville Street, the Downtown Farmers’ Market runs on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. […]

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Utilizing Highway Borders for Innovative Carbon Capture

August 2, 2014

Picture a typical American highway. Black pavement, brightly painted lines, and close-cropped grass bordering the edge of the road. While this is the classic version of the American highway system, scientists are pointing towards the cleared land on either side of the blacktop as potential carbon trapping goldmines. “The land alongside the 4 million miles […]

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Local Food and Farmers’ Market: Southern Village

July 7, 2014

The Southern Village Farmers’ Market has to be the most convenient farmers’ market I have ever visited. Southern Village itself was designed in accordance with building “a new old community,” complete with restaurants, shops, offices, medical facilities, even a movie theater. While these businesses are included in its central brick layout, residential buildings and homes […]

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New York City Expands its School Composting Program

June 26, 2014 There’s an old saying, “It’s so easy a child could do it.” In one New York City school system, that applies to composting as well. The program is only two years old, says Al Baker in a New York Times article, but has entered 230 school buildings in districts in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and […]

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Local Food and Farmers’ Markets: Digging into my CSA

June 19, 2014

Photo courtesy of It’s finally here! I walked into my apartment last night bearing a particularly leafy prize: the first installment of my Duke Campus Farm CSA. In moments radishes, beans, and lettuces adorned my countertop, providing me with fresh, healthy, and local food. CSAs, or Community Supported Agriculture, are growing in popularity throughout […]

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Fun, Safe, and Sustainable Camping this Season

June 12, 2014

Photo courtesy of As the summer camping season comes into full swing, we wanted to share some quick tips– courtesy of Trail Sherpa and the Environmental News Network (ENN)– that will make your outdoor adventure both fun and sustainable. First, we know buying equipment can be overwhelming. What type of tent is best? What […]

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Local Food and Farmers’ Markets: The Tastes and Sounds of NC Fresh Catch

June 2, 2014

Photo courtesy of What could be better than sustainable, local produce? Celebrating it with music and art! That’s the mission of NC Fresh Catch, “a statewide concert series promoting the richness of North Carolina’s natural and creative resources,” and the subject of our newest installment of “Local Food and Farmers' Markets.” The festival includes […]

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