Improving Our Lives Through Conservation

TLC makes a positive, permanent impact on the quality of life in the Triangle area by safeguarding clean water, protecting wildlife habitat, keeping local farms and food in our community, and providing places for people to connect with nature. We identify the most important natural and working lands in the region and work with landowners, developers, municipalities, nonprofit partners, and the public to conserve the places we love and the land we need.


Public Benefits of Conservation

Bearden 2004-2008 flowerPeople may conserve land to preserve it for wildlife and outdoor recreation; or to ensure its availability for sustainable farming and forestry; or to prevent flooding, absorb water and air pollution, and provide other ecosystem services; or to preserve scenic views or otherwise improve the quality of life in communities. Regardless of motive, the evidence is clear that conservation delivers real and tremendously substantial economic, environmental, health, and other benefits to people. Learn more about these benefits.

Land Conservation Options

familyFor many families, their land is much more than a financial asset; it is their legacy and their family history. Protecting your land can be deeply meaningful. It’s also a big decision. Learn more about your options and how Triangle Land Conservancy can help you achieve your dreams for your land.



Irvin Farm-5Conserving a property is just the first step in protecting the land for future generations. TLC is committed to upholding the land’s conservation values in perpetuity – forever. Learn how TLC cares for the land and how you can help


Strategic Conservation

_B9G3669Investments in land conservation provide a cost-effective solution for many natural resource issues. TLC relies on strategic planning, targeted initiatives, and partnerships to determine which investments will provide the strongest conservation value in our community. Learn more about these strategic conservation initiatives and tools.

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