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Horton Grove Nature Preserve

Physical Address: 7360 Jock Road, Bahama NC  27503

Directions:  From Durham, take Roxboro Street north, passing under I-85. About 1.8 miles after passing I-85, turn right on Old Oxford Road. Continue on Old Oxford for 7.5 miles. After passing the main entrance to the Stagville State Historic Site on your right, turn left on Jock Road.(gravel) just as you reach a sharp bend in Old Oxford Road.  Continue on Jock Road. for 1 mile to reach the main parking area.

Horton Grove is TLC’s largest Nature Preserve at just over 708 acres. The preserve contains land on both sides of Jock Road in northern Durham County, which was once part of the Stagville Plantation. Horton Grove contains five miles of perennial streams and was a project of the Upper Neuse Clean Water Initiative (UNCWI) to protect water quality of streams flowing into the Falls Lake Reservoir. The preserve currently contains approximately 8 miles of trail and TLC is working to expand the trail network to provide further hiking opportunities, including a connection to the Stagville State Historic Site. Once the trail network is completed, Horton Grove will provide over 10 miles of hiking trails.

These trails wind through mature forests, including upland oak-hickory forests, beech slopes, and several stands of mixed pine and hardwoods. In addition, TLC has restored two small native plant meadows, including a 20-acre meadow surrounding the main parking area. Open meadows and grasslands are important for numerous species, but have become rare throughout the piedmont of North Carolina. TLC is restoring native grasses that provide nesting and foraging habitat for a variety of bird species, as well as flowering forbs to support pollinators.


Horton Grove Trail Map (updated 12/8/2014)