Walnut Wednesdays

July 26, 2017

Farm road out at Walnut Hill Nature Preserve

Walnut Hill has grown near and dear to me, mainly because it’s the closest property to my house and I always see a few deer while I’m there! Actually, from my perspective, Walnut Hill has some of the most amazing scenery and history of any property we manage. Every visit out to the property the last few months has been filled with the sound of Bobwhite Quail chirping throughout the fields. With the help from our members, and a generous private donation, we have continued with a new summer cover crop in about 20 acres of future agricultural lands on the northern edge of the property. Restoring these old agriculture fields will be vital to the future of farming on the property. A growing partnership with local schools has allowed many students to come out and visit the property to allow hands on learning about nature and our environmental world. The amount of activity revolving around the property is very exciting, but it comes with need for a few extra helping hands.

So, I’m officially launching a new volunteer group that will work once a month out on the property on Wednesday mornings from 9-12. This will be similar to our “Conservation Corps” program, but will specifically be out at Walnut Hill and only meet once per month, instead of weekly. This group will be our “Walnut Wednesday Crew” and will help with invasive removal, fencing repair, property cleanup, and trail building when that portion of the project gets underway potentially next year. If you’re interested in joining the email list for the Walnut Wednesdays, send me your name and preferred email at [email protected].

Winter 2017 Cover, Crimson Clover at Walnut Hill

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