Brumley Bridge is complete!

September 16, 2019

Photo by Kent Fiala.

(All) the trails at Brumley North are once again open to the public!

TLC is thrilled that the new bridge across Stony Creek at Brumley North is complete, and thanks to your generous support, we’ve raised almost half the funds needed for the unexpected $30,000 repair.

Now that Brumley North trails are open just in time for fall, enjoy strolls past the ponds along the Dairy Farm Trail and Cedar Grove Trail. As the leaves turn to red and gold and orange, these trails offer picturesque views of silos and other landmarks that remain from when the land was used for agriculture.

As many of you know, the old bridge partially collapsed after a huge rain storm in April, and construction began in August to build a new bridge. This summer, TLC launched a campaign to cover the repair costs — and to start expansion efforts at Brumley Nature Preserve with the addition of Brumley East.

The 60-acre property, purchased in April 2019, will feature hiking and mountain biking trails. The owners sold the property at a discount price, and thanks to several generous donations and government support, TLC was able to raise most of the funds needed for the land. But we still had to make an internal loan to TLC’s Catalyst Fund to cover the full cost. Support us today as we aim to raise $300,000 to pay back the loan, build trails and a parking lot at Brumley East, and fully cover the cost of the new bridge. Replenishing the Catalyst Fund will enable TLC to make future acquisitions that protect wildlife habitat and water quality.

The Brumley East addition protects more of the wildlife habitat corridor from New Hope Church Road to University Station, as well as a tributary of Stony Creek, which flows to the Eno River and eventually to Falls Lake — a major source of drinking water for the City of Raleigh.

The property, which was slated for development of 14 large homes, also features large rock formations and boulders, including the striking Stony Creek Henge. We are excited about Brumley East and its beautiful features. Please join us in our efforts to open this expansion to the public.

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