Say Goodbye to the Winter Blues

March 25, 2015

DaffodilThe birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and many of our local parks are packed on sunny days! Although I’m not one to sing the winter blues; I am one of the few that openly welcomes cold weather and the infamous white stuff that sometimes comes with it. However, I’ll never complain when the daffodils make their appearance, letting us know that spring is on the way. I’m sure many people welcomed the first day of spring with open arms and excitement. It’s time to get back outside and enjoy the natural beauty we have all around us in this great state.

One of the best things about living in North Carolina is the ability to actually enjoy all four seasons, and sometimes we even get to enjoy all four seasons in one week! Springtime is definitely my favorite season of the year. With trees budding, flowers blooming, and temperatures rising, it’s a great time to go outside and experience all the beauty nature has to offer. I recommend going out for a hike, and taking time to enjoy the many flowers that greet you along the way. While hiking out at Swift Creek Bluffs, one flower that caught my eye was the trout-lily (Erythronium americanum). It’s one of the most common, but so beautiful, spring ephemeral flowers.
It’ll only be a few more weeks until residents and visitors of the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. enjoy one of the most beautiful spectacles of the spring season. Currently, the National Parks Service predicts cherry blossom peak bloom dates to be April 11th-14th. If you ever get the chance to visit during this time, I highly recommend it!

I know that allergies and the great yellow pollen assault also come with springtime, but that’s just a part of life. Personally, I don’t even notice the attack of the pine pollen on my car, but I guess that’s one of the few advantages of driving a bright yellow car! Seriously, I hope all of y’all get the chance to enjoy springtime in some fashion. Whether it’s out on one of TLC’s great preserves, visiting some of our great local parks, or travelling to different parts of the state or country, get out and enjoy this time of year! Trust me: there is enough time between basketball games to enjoy the outdoors. Wolfpack nation! #runwiththepack

Trout-lily at Johnston Mill by Ida Phillips, NC Audubon blog

I hope to see many of y’all out on the trails this spring. I also hope you head over to our event page and register to join us out in the field for guided hikes, bird walks, volunteer workdays (there's one this Saturday), and much more! As always, feel free to send any questions/comments my way by sending an email to [email protected], I love hearing from y’all!

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