Madeline Joslin – AmeriCorps member, Community Engagement for TLC

July 16, 2022

Madeline, center, leading the sunflower seed harvest at Williamson in 2021

As her AmeriCorps term winds down, the team at TLC would like to recognize the service of our outgoing member, Madeline Joslin. Madeline joined TLC in September of 2021 as our Community Engagement Associate AmeriCorps member at the Williamson Preserve.

Madeline was able to plan, lead, and assist with events at Williamson Preserve and beyond. She introduced unique ideas that engaged and delighted. Many may remember the sunflower seed gathering from the wildflower meadow at Williamson. It also included making bird garlands and weaving with invasive species, injecting some creative flavor to TLC events. It also offered new and interactive ways to connect people with nature. Madeline’s contributions positively impacted TLC events, specifically the inaugural Triangle Outdoor Festival, Operation Earth Day, and the Star Party. She also served as TLC staff liaison for the Kids in Nature Day partnership with the South Wake Conservationists.

Madeline excelled with written communication throughout her time with TLC. Her “Creative Control” articles on invasive species introduced readers to imaginative ways to tackle them – from making holiday wreaths to creating fun edible recipes out of pesky honeysuckle plants. Recently, Madeline completed a booklet providing information on effectively controlling invasive plants in our region.

Madeline’s invaluable role in helping to launch our Pathways into Natural Environments and Science (PINES) Fellowship Program this Spring of 2022 and beyond is exceptional. Throughout the program, she was both a positive role model and a resource of knowledge on several topics while helping to open pathways of opportunities for program participants to engage with nature across all TLC nature preserves.
We thank you, Madeline, for all your contributions to advancing TLC’s mission. All your work supporting our educational programs helped us bring more people in Triangle together. Your work also motivated future leaders like the PINES Fellows.

This end marks a new beginning, Madeline. We know you’ll be out there effecting positive change in the world! We’re proud to have had you as a part of this team. Thank you for helping our community grow and learn more.

Here’s a visual journal of some of the things Madeline has worked on while in her time with TLCs Education & Outreach team.

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