Autumn Ecology Badge

All around us things are changing! We are lucky to have such beautiful fall color because of our deciduous forests! If you don’t know what a deciduous forest is then you will learn about it here! Along with why leaves change color, what animals have to do to do to prep for the approaching winter, and how everything works together to create the most beautiful autumns.

Make like a squirrel and collect as many acorns before you have to hibernate! Collect as many colors of autumn leaves as you can! Learn about why animals look so much fluffier and how you can help TLC with a NC Native Tree Project out at our Williamson Preserve in Raleigh!

To earn your badge, complete at least ONE activity for each section. Then, log your experience using the link at the bottom of the page.

Section One – Fauna

Learn About What Animals do in Autumn – Explore the first three sections (Migrate, Build Fat, Grow Winter Coats) of the Our Beautiful Planet’s page on What Do Animals Do in Autumn! Find 1 fact from each section that you didn’t know before.

Section Two – Flora

Watch SciShow Kids – For grades K-2 watch Why Do Leaves Change Colors in the Fall?, available on YouTube.

Read NIEHS- For grades 3-5 read the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences kid’s page on Are Leaves Headed for a Fall: What Leads Up to the Color Change.

Section Three

Autumn Scavenger Hunt – Go on an autumn scavenger hunt! Learn about things that mammals collect before hibernating in the winter! And help TLC with one of our many projects- collecting NC Native Tree seeds!

Autumn Color Science Experiment – This activity requires a few materials often found around the house (glass jars, rubbing alcohol, coffee filters.) Complete an Autumn Color Science Experiment to see why leaves change color and what it is that makes them different.

Go on an Autumn Hike – With an adult go on an autumn hike! Keep a lookout for how many different colors you see and make observations based on the information you learned in the first two sections. If you choose this activity, you must at least read the information from either the scavenger hunt or the science experiment.

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