Water Badge

Water is unique. It occurs on earth as a solid, liquid, and gas. It can dissolve more substances than any other liquid, and it is required by all living things.

By completing this badge, you’ll learn about the different properties of water and the animals that live in it.

To earn your badge, complete ONE activity for each section. Then, log your experience using the link at the bottom of the page.


Section One

QuaranSTEAM: Water Explorers – Explore the amazing properties of water with this interactive video from MarineQuest. They will lead you through a variety of quick and easy experiments. Pick one or more to try out for yourself!

Stream Studies – Explore a nearby stream to see what species can be found there. Bring this Invert ID guide, a clear container, and a sturdy cup (small fish nets work well, too). Partially fill the container with water from the stream, and use the cup or net to scoop up sand, water, or leaves. Dump the contents of your cup into the container. Once it’s settled, try an identify any species you find. Return them to the stream by slowly placing your container underwater and turning it over.  You can also explore the creek by gently turning over small rocks. Make sure you return to its original spot once you’re finished.

Similar to fish, the insects and other macro-invertebrates you find in the stream require water to breathe. Please keep all animals submerged in water.

Wild Kratts: Ocean Explorers – Learn about the ocean and a few of its inhabitants by watching Wild Kratts.

Section Two

Stream Clean-Up – Conduct your own stream clean-up by selecting a short section of stream and collecting any litter you find. Please be careful when handling litter, and use gloves if available. Place the litter in a trash bag to dispose of it properly.

Ocean Life Fact Teller – Print out our Ocean Life Facts Teller, and play with your friends or family. Instructions on how to fold it are provided, but visual instructions can be found on THIS SITE.

Water Ad-Libs – Fill in the blanks of our Water Ad-Libs to create your own story!




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