Trail Guide Training at TLC

Please visit our Volunteer Hub page and make an account to register for the trainings. When you have completed the 12 hour training (zoom classes, trail classes, and shadow) and received your background check you will become an official TLC Trail Guide! Please email our Education and Outreach Associate, Kayla Ebert, at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Fall 22 Cohort Schedule

Zoom Meetings:

You must attend or watch all zoom meetings before becoming an approved TLC Trail Guide. Each meeting will be recorded so that if you have to miss one you can catch up.

Session 1- Oct 26th, 4:30pm-5:30pm

Introductions, What is TLC?, Trail Guide Roles, Expectations of Trail Guides, and Volunteer Hub Orientation

Session 2- Nov 2nd, 4:30pm-5:30pm

Basics of Interpretation on Trail, Safety

Session 3- Nov 9th, 4:30pm-5:30pm

Common Programs, Orientation to each Public Preserve, Age Group Management Strategies

On-Trail Trainings:

You must attend at least three of the five in-person trail trainings. These trainings are to help expose you to trails at TLC preserves as well as give you examples of how to lead a group on trail. Each training will cover points of interest at the preserves, cover general safety on trail, and go over land use history and current TLC projects.

Saturday, Oct 29th: 10am-12pm @ White Pines Nature Preserve

  • Join Kierra Hyman, TLC’s Good Ground Associate, to learn about one of our most important projects, the Good Ground Initiative, and explore White Pines’ natural wonders

Tuesday, Nov 1st: 4:30-6:30pm @ Brumley Southeast Nature Preserve

  • Join Bo Howes, TLC’s Director of Land Protection and Stewardship West, to learn about birding and the history of TLC while we explore the newest trail addition at Brumley South

Saturday, Nov 5th: 8:30-10:30am @ Brumley North Nature Preserve

  • Join Ross McKinney, TLC Trail Guide and Director of New Hope Audubon Society, to learn about birding at one of the top hotspots for birding in NC, Brumley North!

Thursday, Nov 10th: 3-5pm @ Horton Grove Nature Preserve

  • Join Hannah Royal, TLC’s Stewardship Associate, to learn about other TLC properties, conservation techniques, and how you could be a TLC Land Steward. We will also dive into the history of the land at Horton Grove and neighboring Stagville Historic Site

Saturday, Nov 12th: 10am-12pm @ Williamson Nature Preserve

  • Join Kayla Ebert, TLC’s Education and Outreach Associate, to learn about our newest public preserve and the farming practices that you can find on the property. We will also cover some late Fall, native and invasive plant ID on the hike, as well as history of the preserve.

As we schedule experts for in person trainings here are examples of past offerings:

General Mushroom ID with TLC Trail Guide Susannah Goldston

Birding on TLC Properties

Native Plant ID on TLC Properties

Interpretation on Trail

Best Practices for Leading Youth Groups

NC EE Certification

This training counts as 12 hours of Criteria II towards your NC Environmental Educator’s Certification. Please download the form below for Kayla or Diquan to sign at the end of the course to gain your 12 EE hour credits. You do not need this form if you are not participating in the certification program.

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The Brumley South trails are closed.