Hanna Camptella

PINES Intern

What is your role at TLC? 

As the TLC PINES Intern, I visit Knightdale High School during December to give recruitment presentations and distribute flyers to current students to help inform their peers. I assist with creating the application and assessing new applicants. I assist in creating the framework for the PINES program and the semester outline as well as leading activities at meetings. I provide my insight as a graduate of the program to current students and staff when constructing meetings and during meetings with topics such as college applications and helpful networking connections. 

What is your favorite TLC preserve?

My favorite TLC preserve is by far the Swift Creek Bluffs Preserve, located in Cary but not far from Raleigh. My grandparents live on that side of town and my grandfather, my cousins and I used to hike these trails with their dog as a child, now my grandfather and I walk together and admire how things have evolved as I have grown up.

Hanna is TLC’s PINES Intern, and works with TLC’s Education & Outreach team and PINES (Pathways Into Natural Environments and Science) program students. A PINES Program alumni, Hanna wanted to take the things she learned during her time in the fellowship to help other students who have similar interests and provide them with a safe environment to explore their curiosities and foster leadership through hands-on experiences. Hanna is from Raleigh and is currently studying Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology at North Carolina State University.



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