Chloe Ochocki

Conservation Planner

What is your role at TLC? As a Conservation Planner, I support our Land Protection and Stewardship staff to develop regional conservation planning initiatives informed by our strategic goals. Much of this work relies on analyzing environmental data with geographic information systems (GIS).

Favorite TLC Preserve? Brumley North! I’ve spent a great deal of time at this preserve while studying environmental management at Duke and have enjoyed participating in outdoor educational experiences with my colleagues there.

Chloe’s passion for natural places was fueled by her outdoor experiences in Cuyahoga Valley National Park while growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. She joined TLC in June 2023 to ensure the next generation can cultivate similar formative experiences in nature. With a formal background in environmental engineering, she strives to better communicate conservation science to the public through cartography and GIS software. Outside of work, she enjoys painting, camping, fitness, and cheering on athletics for her alma mater, Notre Dame.

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