TLC Stewardship Journal – Winter 2016

February 24, 2016

Welcome to the first issue of TLC’s Stewardship Journal, a twice-yearly newsletter for our landowners with conservation easements. The Stewardship Journal will be sent in winter and spring each year along with notifications of any upcoming stewardship visits. Each issue will provide landowners with basic information about easement stewardship and updates on available conservation programs, monitoring activities, tax issues, and other topics.

Stewardship Journal – Winter 2016

The Winter 2016 issue covers the basics of forestry and conservation plans. These plans, which are typically required in our newer easements, are also useful tools for any landowner undertaking forestry or agriculture. You’ve probably heard of North Carolina’s Present Use Value program but read on to learn about the similar NC Wildlife Conservation Land Program (WCLP). This issue also introduces a local management professional you may recognize from previous TLC events, announces our new easements, and provides information about upcoming events and ways to contact TLC.

Have questions about the Stewardship Journal? Want to suggest a topic for the next newsletter or have an event to list? Contact Laura Stroud, Conservation & Stewardship Associate, at [email protected] or 919-908-0063.

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