Heal the Soil, Heal the Planet


Triangle Land Conservancy is thrilled to partner with Leaf & Limb on a matched fundraiser to support innovative soil restoration projects at the Sarah and Bailey Williamson Preserve at Walnut Hill in Eastern Wake County.

For every dollar you donate, Leaf & Limb will match your donation up to $7,500. By giving today, you can help support healthy soil and improve our planet.

Leaf & Limb believes strongly in the importance of healthy soil because they believe that that healthy soil is the foundation for happy trees. Through their tree care practices and thirst for knowledge, they have also learned that healthy soils form the foundation for a healthy planet.

Many of our most pressing environmental issues are the result of abusing and degrading our precious soils. Healthy soils are the key to achieving a number of the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals. Soils provide our food systems, filter and regulate the flow of water, store vast quantities of carbon and support countless ecosystems.

However, we can reverse the damage done to our soil by educating ourselves and others, and by supporting organizations that are working to heal our soils.

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