WIGO-Women in Nature-WATER

April 9, 2017 @ 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Walnut Hill Nature Preserve, Wake County
$15 Per session or $50 for 4 sessions

All women are naturally connected with the cycles of the Earth.  However, both the pressures and the conveniences of modern day life often leave us disconnected from nature and all that is has to offer. In the past, humans based their understanding of how to successfully ‘be’ on the cycles, symbols, and balance of nature.  This immersive and reflective class is designed to help women find their center through meditation and Shinrin-Yoko (forest bathing), express themselves through writing and art, and understand feminine powers to create and make change in the world. The class also encourages environmental stewardship by highlighting the features of the bioregions we are a large part of.

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