Weaving Wreaths with Invasives Featuring Weaver, Jan French

November 6, 2021 @ 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Williamson Preserve
4409 Mial Plantation Rd. Raleigh
Madeline Joslin

Invasive species cause significant ecological and economic damage by outcompeting native species, those that have evolved with a specific ecosystem over thousands of years.  At Williamson Preserve, kudzu and privet are a few invasive species that strangle native pines and prevent native understory shrubs from receiving the nutrients necessary to survive. Although pervasive root systems make eradicating invasive plants difficult, it is vital in supporting native species that contribute to a thriving ecosystem.   


One method of managing invasive plants is by channeling malice into creativity. Many invasives can be utilized by humans for food, fuel, and crafts.  During this harvest season, we are looking at these “bad” plants for how they can benefit us and in turn, how using them can help other species survive. Join us on November 6th at Williamson Preserve where we are harvesting kudzu, privet, and flowering invasives to weave autumnal wreaths!


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