2021 TLC Demographic Survey

As you probably know, when TLC created our 2025 Strategic Action Plan, an area of significant emphasis for our organization was building an increasingly diverse, broad coalition to carry on the work of land conservation long after we are gone. We are incredibly thankful that you have chosen to support this work through your involvement with TLC.  


With your help, Triangle Land Conservancy is dedicated to being a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. Among other objectives, we set out to increase the racial diversity of our staff, board, members and vendors by 25% by 2025. This work is crucial not only to promote a diversity of voices and new ideas in outdoors spaces and within professional conservation spaces, but to address and begin righting historical wrongs faced by many groups who have traditionally been underrepresented and underserved.


We have made progress toward these goals: women represent a majority of TLC’s staff and board, and our board also has equal representation of white members and people of color. TLC is also deeply committed to creating outdoor spaces and a workplace that is inclusive of people with all ability statuses, of every sexual orientation and gender, and so much else.


In order to ensure that we are creating the kinds of diverse, inclusive spaces we strive for and serving people in ways that affirm and celebrate who they are, we seek to collect information to learn more about the people who make up the TLC community. The survey below is just that— an opportunity for us to get to know you better.


If you choose to participate in this survey, please know that all of the information collected is completely anonymous. None of this information will be tied to your name or any other identifying information. 


Because the purpose of this survey is to get to know our community, some of the questions that follow are personal in nature. If at any time, you feel uncomfortable, or otherwise do not wish to share a piece of information, you can skip the question entirely. Like the survey as a whole, no item on this survey is mandatory. However, the more accurate information we collect, the better equipped we are to meet the needs of our members and other stakeholders.


Thank you so much for helping TLC continue to build an organization that elevates and celebrates all voices! Together, we can build a healthier and more vibrant community for all. 

When you’re ready, follow this link to the 2021 TLC Demographic Survey.

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