Conservation Badge

What is conservation? Conservation can come in many forms and can be applied to many things. To conserve means to protect and it is often applied to environmentally and culturally significant areas.

Triangle Land Conservancy’s mission surrounds all things conservation through protecting natural habitat, safeguarding clean water, keeping local farms and food in our community, and connecting people with nature.

Below you will learn through one of the Museum of Natural Life and Science’s Field Trip Fridays all about the different forms of conservation and how you can help. It just so happens to also take place on our very own Horton Grove Nature Preserve!


Watch Field Trip Friday: Watch Field Trip Friday: Connecting Nature and History with Triangle Land Conservancy available on YouTube. Ask questions and be curious!

Participate: Optional activities to get involved include: Participate in a Get Wild! program (another great way to earn a badge!), volunteer with us through our Friends of the Forest program, visit any of our preserves to see land conservation in action or visit Horton Grove’s neighbor, the Stagville State Historic Site to learn more about the history of the land and what it means to conserve the artifacts and buildings that connect us today to its past.

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