We have a new trails alert system!

November 11, 2021

Photo by Don Kinney

At TLC we work hard to maintain our trails and nature preserve infrastructure, along with the safety of our visitors – that means sometimes closing certain high-use trails due to inclement weather or other emergencies.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding and strive to provide clear and timely updates so you can plan your trip accordingly! 

HOW TO USE THE NEW SYSTEM: The red alert banner (photo below) will appear on every page of our website, whenever any of our trails are closed.

Pro tip: if only one preserve (Brumley South or Williamson) is listed as closed on the red banner, that means the other is open, and when the red banner does not appear, that means they’re both open!

As always, you can also call our TLC trails hotline at 919-908-0053 or visit trianglemtb.com
for up-to-date information on trail closures at Brumley South, Williamson Preserve, and other biking trails throughout our community.

We are thrilled to offer this new system, and are confident it will make planning your visit easier and more reliable. Please note that we will no longer be using our social media channels to communicate trail closures, so be sure to check our website or hotline when planning your visit! See you on the trails! 

Example of new trails alert system (look at the top of the webpage to see if there are any alerts for today). 

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