‘Riding mountain bikes gives me a macro-view of an entire green space’

February 4, 2020
David Houskeeper works in medical health information at UNC Health Care and is a nature enthusiast/recreationist who also loves riding his bike(s)! He was born in Washington, grew up in Montana, and went to college in Utah. He is the former president of Triangle Off-Road Cyclists (TORC). Below, he shares what he loves about mountain biking at Brumley Nature Preserve. TLC is working on an expansion of the preserve. Learn more here.


As past TORC President and current TORC Trails Committee Chair/Advocacy, I get lots of opportunities to talk with TLC staff and volunteers.

I ride the Brumley South trails at least once a week. The little boy that is forever in me enjoys the fun that comes from riding bicycles. Riding mountain bikes gives me a macro-view of an entire green space. Brumley Forest as a whole has lots of unique and beautiful qualities that can be seen all at once while riding. I also bring my family out here — 7-year-old and 11-year-old boys — to help them with their mountain bike skills. Great trails for kids!

I have also done a bit of trail running and hiking on the North side. These are my opportunities to see the details and enjoy the details of nature and the property.

I first heard about Brumley Forest once TLC had decided to built multi-use trail on the property and were working with a contractor. TORC was excited to work with TLC and we wanted to see how we could be of assistance on the immediate and on the long term project.

What draws me to Brumley Forest is it’s proximity to where I live, meeting with local friends for rides and enjoying the flowing design/build of the trails. I also enjoy knowing this is conservation green space and it’s great to see the success TLC is doing in conservation. I like to think Brumley Forest is a great example of showing mountain biking as a great source for getting outside as well a being a strong source of support and incentive for more preservation.

I like many different parts of the Brumley Forest trails, if I must choose, I would say the Spring House Loop side closest to NC 10.

The expansion of the East section will be great to see, and I’m looking forward to see it’s eventual progress. Myself, TORC and the MTB community will be ready to help. Hopefully, due to such popularity, the parking and usage will spread out a bit more and spread the users out a bit more. Popularity definitely comes with some challenges.

I support TLC because I understand and also work for advocacy. Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill is a great place to live and therefore it is sprawling and growing. We all need to work hard to preserve our green space/water resources and I am grateful for TLC’s success and want to continue supporting their success.

I started mountain biking seriously as a sport/exercise 25 years ago. To me, it’s the perfect combination of being outside within nature while having fun exercising and practicing skill. Mountain biking allows me to explore vast areas here in the Triangle, within the mountains of NC and throughout the country.

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