Help! TLC needs a vehicle.

June 13, 2017

We need your old car! Thanks to you, TLC manages and cares for thousands of acres of land from the southwestern corner of Chatham County to the northeastern corner of Johnston County. We need a car to get to it all and ours has died! If you’ve got an all-wheel drive or 4×4 that’s road ready we could put it to good use!

Followers of our blog will recall how very fond we are of our 2000 Subaru Outback, but our trusty friend has traveled over 200,000 miles. This week the Outback died and after towing it to the shop we learned it needs almost $1,500 in repairs to keep it roadworthy, including new tires, tie rods, brakes, and the list goes on. We use it week in and week out to get staff all over the Triangle so we can monitor our conservation easements, manage our preserves, and meet with community partners.

If you could donate a dependable car, we could avoid spending a significant amount of money on such a high mileage vehicle. If you have a sturdy, reliable vehicle that you no longer need, please let us know! You’ll get a tax deduction equal to the Blue Book value of the car and our staff will be safe and happy.

Please contact Christine Wilson, Director of Development, here or at 919.908.0059 for more information.

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