Brumley East Expansion Fundraiser

November 11, 2021

Photo by Jennifer Weinberg

WOW WOW WOW Friends of Brumley! Y’all are FANTASTIC and really rose to the occasion to help expand Brumley Nature Preserve! Combined with the Concannon Family’s matching contribution, we have raised $89,000 towards our $100,000 goal!

In 2019, TLC conserved the 60-acre Brumley East expansion to fully protect a tributary of Stony Creek, providing additional connectivity for wildlife, and to expand recreational opportunities for the public.  It is exactly the kind of project identified as a priority in TLC’s 2018 Strategic Action Plan.

Brumley Preserve is one of TLCs most popular preserves and one of two that offers multi-use trails specially designed for mountain biking and walking. Your support for this expansion has enabled TLC to begin constructing the parking lot off University Station Road and the nearly 3 miles of trails. Eventually these new trails will connect with the existing Brumley South trail system.

Brumley North, South, and (NEW!) East, are critical components of the 25-mile wildlife corridor that extends from Jordan Lake to Eno River State Park. Not only does this protect local riparian habitats, but streams from Brumley feed into the Eno River and ultimately into Falls Lake, the drinking water source for Raleigh. Conserving land around streams and rivers protects watersheds and is an affordable way to prevent further declines in water quality.

If you’ve already donated – thank you!  If not, you can show your appreciation for open space, public trail systems, and conservation by donating today and your gift will be matched by the Concannon Family, doubling your impact!  Will you be the one to help us reach our goal?

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