TLC Annual Report Videos: Highlighting our Mission

July 14, 2014

This year, TLC’s 2012-2013 Annual Report contains stunning videos to illustrate our successes and future commitment to the Triangle and our mission. Check them out by clicking the photos below, and join the conversation! Click here for the full Annual Report.

Water is the most important element on earth. Without it, none of us could survive, and clean water is essential for both our lives as well as habitat for native plants and animals. This video illustrates both the importance of water and how TLC acts to reduces threats to water quality.

triangle land conservancy

Connecting People with Nature
Connecting people with nature is essential as we look to balance our increasingly indoor, urban lives with the benefits/fun of being outside.  Opportunities for outdoor exercise/recreation, fresh air, and contemplation, support our physical and mental health and vibrancy while reminding us of our place in the natural world.

triangle land conservancy

Supporting Local Farms and Food
Well-managed farms and associated woodlands enhance our communities by producing food, wood products, and other crops; by sustaining rural agricultural economies; and by providing clean water, wildlife habitat, scenic vistas, and educational opportunities.  Local farms also supply fresh food to local markets.  Yet, farms and their heritage are vanishing from our landscape; once gone, they are unlikely to return. This video shows one way TLC supports local food production.

triangle land conservancy

Protecting Wildlife Habitat
Natural areas and well-managed forests support healthy ecosystems and balance our built environment by providing habitat for native plants and animals.  This habitat supports opportunities for research and education that reveal how human activities change the natural world that we depend on for food, air, water, and our very lives.

triangle land conservancy

Based on our heritage as a volunteer and community based organization, we truly believe in the power of community. And it takes us all to successfully conserve and care for the environment that we’ve come to enjoy and depend on. A place where we spend time with our families, recreate with friends and observe indigenous wildlife. A place that provides us sanctuary and solitude from our hectic lives, and the clean, abundant water that we use everyday.

triangle land conservancy

Want to explore more? Read the entire Annual Report here.

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