Special Holiday Treasures Abound in the Triangle!

December 5, 2013

triangle land conservancy

With the holiday season upon us, many are looking to buy special presents for friends and loved ones. This year join the buy local movement and opt for specially selected gifts from your local favorites! Even Kevin Bacon is getting in on the action.

That’s right, Kevin Bacon. According to a recent cnn.com article by Sarah Stankorb, this year he has teamed up with local businesses in the “Shift Your Shopping for Good” campaign, where local businesses donate a portion of each purchase to charity. For Kevin Bacon, local shopping “’has always been important to me,’ he said, ‘Being able to go and know the people, and the store, and have a personal connection to the store and the people who work there.’”

Having a personal connection fosters an important economic one as well. In the same article, Stankorb writes, “that 48% of revenue at independent stores recirculates locally, compared to just 13.6% of revenue from chain retailers.” In purchasing gifts from local stores, you are directly giving back to your own community!

Looking for local gift ideas? Check out the “Triangle Holiday Gift Guide” on triangleexplorer.com. For food connoisseurs there is handcrafted peanut butter, chocolate, and tomato sauce; for those who love great accessories you can find leather bags and purses; and for the coffee lover there are dozens of coffees to make at home or gift certificates for beloved coffee shops in the Triangle.

So this year take the time to check out community favorites and give gifts that are as unique as your hometown. Check out the local gift guides and let us know on our Facebook page your favorite finds!

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