Getting to Know You: Clea Major

July 21, 2015

A native Utahn, Clea Major moved to North Carolina to attend school at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Recently, Clea joined Triangle Land Conservancy's staff as the Donor Database Manager. We have enjoyed getting to know Clea these past few weeks and we are excited to introduce her to the whole TLC community. Thankfully, Clea agreed to answer a few fun questions to help us all learn a little bit more about her!

Clea MajorWhat is your job at TLC? 
I am the Donor Database Manager. I have primary responsibility for managing our database of donors and ensuring accurate gift processing, gift acknowledgment, gift reporting and reconciliation. The gifts that you make to TLC always go through me first. I also help maximize financial support, communications and volunteer engagement by identifying donor groups, creating lists for mailings, and running accurate and timely fundraising and financial reports.

Why are you interested in the environment/land conservation?
I have been interested in land conservation ever since I was a teenager growing up in Utah, which has a vast amount of beautiful untouched public lands. I grew up rafting on rivers and hiking in mountains and camping in the desert, and it taught me that nature is irreplaceable and absolutely something we must preserve for future generations.

What is your favorite TLC preserve or outdoor location in the Triangle?
I haven’t yet visited all the TLC preserves, but out of the ones I’ve seen so far I like Swift Creek Bluffs the best.

What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?
I’d love to learn how to do graphic design in Photoshop. It seems like a useful thing to know. 

What are your hobbies?
I love writing fiction, mostly short stories. I also like to draw sometimes.

What is your favorite music?
Most of my favorite bands fall under the loose heading of “indie rock,” but I also love hip-hop and R&B. Some of my favorite bands are The Mountain Goats, The National, and Brand New.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
I would love to go to Brazil. I studied abroad there but it’s a huge country and there are so many places in it that I haven’t yet explored, like the Amazon region.

What is your spirit animal?
I’d have to say Channing Tatum. His sense of humor and dance moves give me life.

Where is your favorite place to eat in the Triangle?
Probably Acme in Carrboro, because it’s within walking distance of my house and it’s absolutely delicious.

What is a book that you recently read and greatly enjoyed? Why?
I just finished reading The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. It’s a three-book series about five teenagers in Virginia who go on a magic quest together. I loved it because the characters are very well-written and the relationships that they have with each other are intense and painful.

Welcome to TLC Clea! Have a question regarding your gift or membership? Have a love for Acme restaurant or Brazil? You can contact and say hello to Clea at [email protected].

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