First Ever BioBlitz Will Be Fun For Members and Naturalists Alike

September 22, 2015

Yellow-throated Warbler by Carol Tuskey

Five types of warblers and fall-blooming wildflowers are among the things that might be seen at Triangle Land Conservancy’s BioBlitz on October 17, 2015. Brumley Forest Nature Preserve will be the site for this BioBlitz event which brings the public together with nature experts to perform a base inventory of the species found there.

Fall is a great time to do something like this: the weather is not so hot, there are fewer ticks and other insects, and it’s possible to catch summer species of birds as well as the beginning of the fall migration. Milo Pyne, Senior Ecologist for NatureServe, says participants might see Blue-winged, Black-throated Green, Chestnut-sided and Yellow-throated Warblers – all regular migrants though North Carolina in spring and fall.

The 613-acre Brumley Forest Nature Preserve contains many different kinds of habitats — Oak-hickory hardwood forest, Sweetgum-maple forest, Loblolly Pine forest, plus streams, wetlands, and beaver ponds — in which all kinds of plants and animals are waiting to be discovered.

Sonke johnsen
Brumley Forest by Sonke Johnsen

TLC Director of Conservation and Stewardship Bo Howes says that while TLC has had experts on reptiles, amphibians, moths, and butterflies come to Brumley, they haven’t yet had any plant  or animal experts. Howes says he wouldn’t be surprised if the property includes rare or endangered plants. This is where the event’s partnership with NatureServe comes in. Pyne will be among the NatureServe employees helping out.

“I’m excited to better understand the biodiversity and natural resources that are there,” says Pyne.

Participants of the BioBlitz will be using a technology called iNaturalist. iNaturalist is a website and application for mobile phones which allows people to photograph plants and animals. By opting to share the photos with the public it’s then possible to get help from your peers with identification. This is how the species tally is going to be documented at Brumley.

“It’s social media for nature people,” says Pyne.

So TLC members, come on out! The event starts bright and early on Saturday, October 17 with a 7am sunrise bird walk and ends at 4pm. Special sessions on birds, amphibians, reptiles, plants, water, wildflowers, bugs and butterflies will be held throughout the day. Breakfast (coffee and bagels) and lunch will be provided. There are also activities for kids like a treasure hunt, creating leaf rubbings and learning about butterfly migrations planned by our partners at Learning Outside. View full schedule here.

Brumley Forest Butterfly by Sonke Johnsen

If you have not yet become a member of TLC, you can do so for a donation as small as $30 on our website. Your donation of $30 would help build five feet of new sustainable trail at Brumley Forest and it would give you access to the BioBlitz as well as other special TLC members only events.


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