First Day Hike at Horton Grove Nature Preserve

December 30, 2015

Are you ready to start 2016 off on the right foot? Join TLC with a two-hour hike of Horton Grove Nature Preserve. Bring your family, friends, and dogs (on a leash please) to explore TLC’s largest public nature preserve.

Horton Grove Native Warm Season Grassland

TLC’s Horton Grove Nature Preserve is a 708-acre property with 8 miles of trails and was opened to the public in 2012. TLC acquired the property through four transactions, which happened from 2004 to 2008. The preserve includes grasslands and forests and is intended for use by hikers, birders, and wildlife enthusiasts.

Horton Grove Nature Preserve Forest

Horton Grove Nature Preserve was once part of the Stagville Plantation and is located next to the Stagville State Historic Site, which allows for many different educational opportunities. The Stagville Plantation, owned by the Bennehan-Cameron family, was built in 1799 and was one of the largest plantations in the pre-Civil War South. In 1860, the plantation was nearly 30,000 acres. Today, the Historic Stagville site is 71 acres and offers a visit to the past with original some of the Plantation’s original buildings and structures.

Horton Grove Nature Preserve Snail

During the time of the Stagville Plantation, some of the land that is now Horton Grove Nature Preserve was not used for farming, which means that the forested area is mature and well developed, consisting of old hardwood and pine tree species. During surveys of the property, it was noted that numerous bird species would thrive in this type of habitat, including the black-and-white warbler, Louisiana waterthrush, great horned owl, barred owl, pileated woodpecker, and red-shouldered hawk. It was also noted that bobcat could survive here, due to a large amount of undisturbed land and a healthy deer population.

Wildlife Viewing Platform

The hike at Horton Grove Nature Preserve starts at 10 am on the 1st of January. Be sure to register so we have a head count! The hike will take about two hours, but feel free to take a shorter route if you need. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating 2016!

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