On the ballot: Town of Cary Parks Bond

September 26, 2019

Cary citizens — you have an opportunity to broaden the possibilities for land conservation in the town. On the ballot this election, the $112 million Parks Bond supports open space preservation, new parks, improvements to existing parks, and historic properties preservation.

This bond will be important for future conservation projects. When there are more funding sources available for land conservation, it makes it easier for TLC and other organizations to protect the area’s natural spaces. As Cary continues to grow at a rapid pace, prioritizing the protection of these places is of critical importance. This bond will make possible more opportunities to protect forest and open spaces that provide habitat and protect water quality.

According to the Town’s website on the Parks Bond, $20 million will be allocated toward open space preservation, specifically to preserve forestland, farms and green space. Protection of these lands is important for protecting water supply and lessening flood hazards.

If the bond passes, these projects will occur 2020-24. But if the bond does not pass, these projects will likely not move forward in the next five to 10 years. The Town does not have a contingency finance plan for the projects.

Early voting is happening now, and election day is Oct. 8. Not sure where to vote? You can find out here.

For more information on the bond, visit carybonds.org/parks.

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