New Brumley South Trails Open!

April 12, 2022

ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. — TLC’s Brumley South trail expansion project open to the public 

This expansion adds 1 mile of hiking-only trail and 1.6 miles for multi-use open to residents and visitors to escape into nature and experience one of the County’s most popular preserves.

Brumley is TLC’s most popular preserve, so when the opportunity arose to conserve 60 additional acres and add two and a half miles of additional trail, we worked hard to make that happen,” said Matt Rutledge, TLCs Associate Director of Stewardship.

Map: Brumley South Trail

Brumley Nature Preserve is a 673-acre compilation of mature and healthy hardwood, young pine, and alluvial forests surrounding streams, wetlands, ponds, small elds, and the ruins of several homes. It offers the visitor a scenic variety of habitats, including creeks, streams, and a pond. It’s also a popular spot with bird watchers for its selection of aviary friends.

Brumley Preserve is not just a popular place for outdoor lovers. The streams from Brumley Preserve feed into the Eno River and ultimately into Falls Lake which, supplies drinking water to Raleigh.

TLC opened Brumley Preserve on Earth Day in 2017 and acquired the 60-acre expansion in 2019. Since that time, we had to raise money for infrastructure and trails, obtain the design and then secure a permit for the parking lot. We are grateful to the many volunteers, and our trail contractors, Native Trails, for being the boots on the ground and providing the hands-on support needed to make it happen. We are also thankful for our supporters who provided in-kind and financial donations.

You can access Brumley South Preserve from a parking lot at 3055 New Hope Church Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514, or the lot at 3801 University Station Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Brumley North Preserve can be accessed from the parking lot at 3620 Old State Hwy 10, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.  For a more detailed responsible recreating guide, check out the Brumley Nature Preserve page under the preserves tab.

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