2015 World Water Day

March 21, 2015

triangle land conservancy

On March 22nd, people across the world globe will celebrate the 2015 World Water Day! It is a day both to celebrate all water gives us, as well as a chance to spotlight water concerns around the world. The theme of 2015’s World Water Day is “Water and Sustainable Development,” and World Water Day highlights water’s role in seven arenas critical to quality of life:

1) Health
Water is used to wash hands, stay hydrated, and build clean sanitation facilities. The human body is actually composed of 50-65% water, yet 748 million people across the globe do not have access to clean water resources.

2) Nature
Fresh water depends on ecosystems such as forests and marshlands, which both clean water as well contribute to its cycling processes. Simultaneously, ecosystems depend on both water quality and quantity for maintaining, wildlife, plant life, and overall health.

3) Urbanization
There is a massive shift of populations towards cities, and one million people become new urban residents each week. This influx puts pressure on cities’ water and sewer programs, and to maintain a healthy urban environment many of these systems must be expanded or updated.

4) Industry
Did you know it takes more water to make your car than it takes to fill a standard swimming pool? Almost all industries use water, some more intensely than others. Because water demand for manufacturing is expected to increase by 400-500% by 2050, it is critical that industries invest in water-saving technologies.

5) Energy
We need water to produce energy, but we also need energy to transport and deliver water. The majority of today’s energy is produced by thermal electricity, and 16% of the world’s energy is generated by hydropower.

6) Food
Everyone knows that each American eats an average of 2,000 calories each day, but few are aware that it takes one liter of water to produce each calorie of food. By 2050, global agriculture will need to produce 60% more food, and it is important that water use is as efficient as possible.

7) Equality
Global climate change is estimated to negatively affect freshwater sources, the collection of which falls heavily on women and girls in developing countries. Additionally, water-related disasters may increase with climate change, which affects different segments of the population disproportionally. With proper planning as well as preparation, fatalities and injuries from these events could be reduced.

Here at TLC, we strive to safeguard clean water as a central component of our mission. We protect land along streams, practice and encourage land management practices that reduce water pollution, and lead the development of more effective, collaborative approaches to protecting water. To learn more about TLC’s efforts, click here.

So on tomorrow's World Water Day, hike along one of the beautiful streams or rivers in the Triangle, take action to reduce your own water use, and spread the word about the importance of water and sustainable development!

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