Will You Help?

Triangle-land-conservancy-Johnson-Mill  Photo by Robert Baggett

You know how great it is to live, work, and play in the Triangle, but did you also know the region’s population is projected to grow more than 50% in the next 20 years?

People need nature.

You may also know we benefit from having natural lands in the Triangle. Open spaces provide clean water, habitats for plants and animals, land for farms that provide fresh food, and opportunities to reconnect with nature. While beneficial in its own ways, a growing community increases the pressure on our limited lands and natural resources.

Nature needs people like you.

You can make a difference in conserving these resources by supporting land conservation. It’s a cost ­effective solution with impacts that will last for generations to come. But, you must act now before the balance between growth tips the scales irreversibly out of balance with nature.

Act Now: Become a Member of Triangle Land Conservancy

Triangle Land Conservancy saves the places you love and the lands we need right here in the Triangle. Since 1983, TLC has conserved over 19,000 acres of land with the support of its loyal and generous members. Our members have made a commitment to conservation not just because they love the outdoors, clean water, local food, or wildlife; they know their investment in TLC goes much further:

  • every dollar invested in land conservation returns $4 in economic value, and
  • each dollar you invest in TLC is leveraged by an additional $10 from federal, state, and local funds.

As the Triangle continues to expand, TLC is committed to seeking a balance between growth and conservation. We need people like you to make sure the Triangle remains a great place to live, work, and play now and for future generations to come. Make your commitment by becoming a TLC member with your gift of $30 or more. Click here to give now!

Learn more about TLC’s work and how you can help:

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